When you place your order or sign up with us, we appreciate your trust in us. Privacy of your personal information is taken very seriously and we keep your information, order history and any other records private. or any of its affiliates will not misuse your personal information!! Personal information means any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person. This includes, your name, address, age, sex, date of birth, phone number, etc.

We will also collect some of your sensitive personal information, viz: your bank account details or your credit or debit card details. We use this sensitive personal information only to secure our payment for the Orders that you have placed with us.

We believe and follow a very strict privacy policy as follows:
No Sharing of Information
  • We will never give out your email address or any other details unless it is used for our internal business purposes or research only with the objective to process your orders and to serve you better:
  • We will not sell your information to any third parties:
  • When you order from us, we assume you are interested in our products and will email you if we believe that we are providing information that will be useful to you relating to the products that you have purchased from us and products that could be of interest to you. You can choose to keep a separate correspondence email id with us. If you do not wish to receive emails about our produtcs please unsubscribe from our mailing list.
  • Your credit card/bank statement would not show our name: Even your credit card / bank account would not show a transaction with the name of our company. would not appear anywhere.
  • The merchant name on the card/bank statement will either show our payments processing partner name or it will show our parent companies name
  • We will maintain security of our systems and information: Your information is safe with us and even our employees cannot access it unless it is needed to service you.

Except as stated in this privacy policy, we will not use your personal or sensitive personal information for any other purpose or reason. By placing an Order with us, you consent to the manner and use of your personal information and your sensitive personal information by us.

How we use your information

  • Your shipping address: This is used to ship your order. You can change it for every order and we will not send anything else to this address except your order itself.
  • Your phone number: This is used only for purposes of helping the courier delivery person track you. The concealed packing of the orders ensures that the courier delivery person does not get to know anything about your order or you. Your phone number may also be used to confirm your orders and send you shipment tracking codes. Our top management may call you on your number to receive your valuable feedback and suggestion to improve our quality of product and services. If you do not wish to be reached on your cell number, or you wish to be reached on any other number, please let us know by emailing us at
  • Your credit card information: Your CC/bank account information is used only to process the transaction.
  • Your email address: We will not send you e-mails if you request us not to. As a default, we assume your consent to send you e-mails for purposes of:
  • E-mailing you copy of the order
  • E-mailing you the shipping confirmation
  • E-mailing you a short customer satisfaction survey
  • E-mailing you ‘Reminders’ for products you opt to be reminded for
    E-mailing you information relating to new products or promotions on the website
  • E-mailing you information about issues that we believe may be of interest to you.

You’re billing address: This is required ONLY for purposes of verification of your credit card. will not send anything to your billing address.


NaughtyToy understands that privacy is vital for everybody. And that’s why we make sure that it remains protected with us. We have made discreet packaging customary for all our order fulfillment. You do not have to opt for it while checkout as you will always get your products with 100% protection of privacy by default.

With discreet delivery, you get your product without stares or an all-knowing grin. Our products are wrapped in the bubble wrap and packed in a plain box which goes inside a white polybag. The invoice and the address slip on the top contain only your name and address. The product name is mentioned nowhere on the parcel. Also, the name of NaughtyToy is not visible anywhere.

Your privacy is 100% secure with us. Not even the delivery boy knows what he is delivering. Only you know the content of the parcel. So buy with confidence, always.

Simple. Discreet. Convenient. These aren’t just words to us, they’re mantras we swear by.

Discreet Packaging

No Extra Cost

You are not charged for maintain your privacy. Not a single penny is hiked on the product price for ensuring the product gets delivered discreetly.

Clean Invoice: This is how your invoice will look like without product name.