After receiving sex toys online, if you do not like the product, you do not to tamper its packaging and submit return request within 2 to 4 Hours

of package receipt. You’ll either have to exchange it against various other items of the same value or get refunds in the form of store credits that wouldn’t expire and you can also gift these to your friends.

In any such instance only you’ll be responsible for further shipping for an exchange and just the return shipping while you’re able to select a refund option for store credit.

In case you intend to keep adult products online and have also opened the seal, but you’ve got the wrong size, it isn’t a problem. You’ll just need to pack it back the way it was and submit the return quickly, more importantly, this needs to be done within three days if the package receipt. If the product remains unused and unworn and there is always an alternative fit and size available as well, we’ll exchange it for free.

The free exchange benefit remains for only one time.

Note – The exchange benefit condition isn’t applicable for lingerie and different adult toys India that would have close contact with human body.

If you’ve opened the seal and later you have a change of mind towards a return than it would be somewhat tricky for us. Typically, we won’t accept such items as these wouldn’t be available for resale. However, if you’re submitting request for returns within providing 3 days of the receipt, we will strive to make it work and would be also able to provide you with half of the total amount as refund in the form of store credit, which would be only usable for making another purchase on the website.

This would entirely depend on the circumstances and the condition and remains active at the discretion of a customer service representative.

After getting approved, the buyer has to bear all the costs for return shipping.

Lastly, if you got a product that is available in any undesirable conditions such as not the ordered product, manufacturing defect and is dead on arrival, you should submit the same back and request for return at the earliest, or latest within 3 days if the package receipt.

We would be deeply regretful in case of any inconvenience related to the product. We will make sure that the complete return process gets expedited and you would either receive a suitable replacement or a refund for the costs involved for all these products.

The can rarely happen as we provide a quality check in our warehouse and signoff on different items before we’ll easily ship these out for you.

If your returns comply well with all of the guidelines for sex products online, you’ll have to gather all products that you would think of exchanging and returning and you can also click a close-up picture (with a good quality camera), which would clearly show the product’s condition, it’s packaging and associated tags and booklets intact. Next you’ll have to click on ‘request return’ button. After clear inspection of the return package we will begin with the exchange/refund process and would communicate through email with the request status and will follow up till the refund or replacement process gets completed.